Free Sitting Yoga Exercises Online

Sitting Yoga exercises were specially developed to be performed while seated in a chair.

Free Sitting Online Yoga includes 19 easy to follow exercises (asanas) that help stretch your hands, wrists, arms, upper back, hips, low back and feet. Each exercise includes a video in a Flash format and breathing and posture directions.

These Yoga exercises will strengthen your abdomen, deepen your breath, and reduce probability of blood-clot formation in your blood vessels. You can perform these exercises in your office, in an airplane sit, in your home or anywhere else. These Yoga exercises are also great for people with limited mobility. Enjoy!

  1. Wrist Mobility Asana
  2. Elbow Rotation Asana
  3. Elbow Twisting
  4. Shoulder Rotation
  5. Reversed Shoulder Rotation
  6. Neck Bending
  7. Neck Twisting
  8. Neck Rotation
  9. Chair Cat Asana
  10. Greeting The Heaven Asana
  11. Opening Heart Asana
  12. Arm Twisted Forward Bending
  13. Heart Knot
  14. Prayer by Heart
  15. Spine Twisting Asana
  16. Sandwich
  17. Ankle Rotation
  18. Leg Extension Asana
  19. Leg Side Extension Asana

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